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Navigating Your Acting Career in 2020

A Virtual Seminar by Jen DiBella

This one-day, 2 hour course will focus on all the ways 2020 has changed the TV/FILM industry for an actor and what you need to know in order to successfully navigate your career in the new, current industry norms. 

What it is:

Who it's for:

TV and Film actors at any stage in their career!

In general, many actors get overwhelmed when thinking about their career as a business. With all the changes 2020 has thrown at us, now more than ever many actors have grown even more discouraged. I completely understand…


But stay positive and KEEP GOING! I’ve done A LOT of the homework for you! Think of this course as a “cheat sheet,” to bring you up to speed on the essential information actors need to know now!

When and Where:

Saturday September 12th, 2020
at 12pm-2pm PST/3pm-5pm EST on ZOOM!



For specifics on what will be covered and how to register, please email me!:

Can't make the date? Ask me about my One-on-One Acting Career Consultations.

Let's cut the fluff, cut the BS, and get back to BUSINESS!

Why trust me:

Being the daughter of a strong business woman (my mother is her own boss and has been for over 30 years!) I grew up learning essential marketing and sales skills that I’ve since been able to apply to my acting career.

The roles I've booked on Networks like ABC, FOX and NBC have come from my own networking. I didn't have representation at the time. I now have representation because I just got signed during the quarantine! How did these things happen? I would love to share my experiences with you.


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